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Главная » Файлы » S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: "Зов Припяти"

S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: "Call of Pripyat" - RCOM (Realistic Combat Overhaul Mod) Beta ver.1.0.6 + Patch 1
01.06.2014, 13:24

Автор: MacBradley


Список модификаций использованных при создании мода:

S.T.A.L.K.E.R.CoP Ceano's HUD v1.0

Realistic Combat Overhaul with Artifact Guns Beta 1.0.4

AI additions

S.T.A.L.K.E.R Call of Pripyat Sound overhaul 1.2

Call of Pripyat Variation Mod



S.T.A.L.K.E.R.CoP Ceano's HUD v1.0
Author:  Ceano
Contact: ceano@home.se
Mod Acquire: Stalker Call of Pripyat
Game version: All
Thanks to: smrtphoneusr

(only tested in wide screen)
This mod is a rework of smrtphoneusr mod,
"Compact HUD for CoP *Proper* (0.51)".

* Main HUD is all NEW (ceano).
* Warning icons are smaller.
* Changed the position of the booster icons,
  also resized them.
* No...Mini Map, quick buttons indicators,
  NPC counter, noise or visual indicators.

сталкер мод

******  Realistic Combat Overhaul with Artifact Guns Beta 1.0.4  ******
******         ******
**********************  By MacBradley  ********************************

Description:  The goal of this mod was originally to make the weapons behave more realistically.  Since then, I have added other features that make the combat more realistic in general, including changes to the AI, mutants, and getting shot effects.  I later decided to replace all of Nimbles's guns with guns that are "Artifact Mods" instead; not because they are realistic (well, not anymore than an artifact itself anyway) but because they are a ton of fun.

NOTE: THIS MOD IS INTENDED FOR MASTER DIFFICULTY.  On lower difficulties it will be less realistic due to the player being able to take more damage from just about everything.  Shooting in the open will get you killed fast.

INSTALLATION: Copy the the folders "gamedata" and "bin" into your Stalker directory. I suggest backing up your xr_Game.dll in the bin directory of your Stalker directory, because that it the one thing this mod overwrites. This mod can be used with other mods that don't contain any files that this overwrites other than the xr_Game.dll, which gets overwritten even on the vanilla version.





- Not released, many things got transferred over to v.1.0.5, which has a new readme.  This readme is just here for reference purposes.



- Runs with English release of CoP, or the patch of Russian/German version.
- Increased visible range of fog to 1000 meters
- Decreased the AI online distance 150 again.  It was breaking a few missions, and from a gameplay standpoint it was inhibiting.  AI Adjusted accordingly.
- All guns have less cumulitve recoil, how strait they shoot is more up to how you aim now.
- Removed NPC's and the Actor dropping gun on hit, because AI sometimes would not see the gun and pick it back up after they dropped it.



- Fixed the crash when equiping the NATO nightvision scope.
- Stalkers are a bit harder to kill again, ammo type vs armor type makes bigger difference. Stalkers still die in 1 to 3 Assualt rifle shots usually.
- Made all of the mutants harder to kill since the weapons are so much better than vanilla.
- NPC's will now not just see you and approach from up to 300 yards, but will fire upon you.
- NPC's are now online up to 300 yards, meaning you can see them and engage them or be engaged by them at up to 300 yards.
- The effects for getting shot have been adjusted to be cumulative.  All shots still flash red, but don't move your aim.  Harder shots make you're aim off center for a short while and have the red flash.  Really hard shots make your screen flash red, your aim wobble, and make you stumle around.  It is possible to drop your weapon on either of the harder shots. 
- Many subtle recoil/damage adjustments
- Adjusted AI.  They will now shoot at you if even a bit of you is visible from cover, just like you would do to them.
- Adjusted AI.  They won't see you as easily if they are just chilling, but they will spot and shoot at you you very well if alerted.
- Adjusted AI.  They won't see you through bushes well unless alerted.



- Stalkers are a bit harder to kill, but still die fast without armor.
- NPC's also have a chance of dropping weapons when hit, just like the actor. The NPC sometimes grabs their gun and continues to fight, and sometimes they flee.
- NPC's don't wound at below 40% health anymore, now it is below 20% health. Not sure if I should keep this.
- It now takes a harder shot on the actor to get the "major" gunshot effect where you stumble and sometimes drop your weapon. Now it is more often you get the standard red flash and slight screen tweak.
- Shotguns lose more power over range by 5x; still testing
- Tweaking NPC vision through bushes.
- Now the sniper rifles have adjustable scopes once upgraded to the 6x sight.
- Abakan now doesn't fire full auto, but fires 2 rounds bursts at 1800 rpms like the real counterpart. I can't get auto to run at a different rpm so I used the proper burst mode instead as to make it not such a clone of the AK74.
- SPAS 12 is now semi automatic, not full.
- SPAS 12 and Protectra shotguns now have worse handling than the Pump Shotgun
- Made the AI a bit less accurate while moving.
- Minor recoil and damage adjustments
- You can upgrade scopes.  SVD scope now adjustable on first scope upgrade and beyond.
- Remember, don't upgrade anything other than scopes, weight, and ammo capacity/types for weapons.  Upgrade what you want on suits.
- Cleaned up the gamedata folder.  Should work with version from any country, and now there's less of a chance of it conflicting with other mods.  Remember, overwriting folders won't screw with other mods, but the overwriting of files will.



******  Weapons & Ammo  ******

- Added weapon sway, different for each gun and different stances for each gun.  Smaller weapons have less sway when moving than larger ones.  Carbines and SMG's pull up the sights faster than Assualt Rifles, whereas Sniper Rifles pull up the sights slower than Assault Rifles.

- Improve gun accuracy, recoil, reliability & ballistics to something as similar as I could get with out shooting their real life counterparts myself

- Guns don't zoom in as far, and the Field of View of everything is pulled back to the distance it was in Clear Sky.  Guns zoom has to do with their type.  pistols and shotguns barely zoom, SMG's a bit, Carbines a bit more, Rifles a bit more, and

- Realistic weapon physics impulses; people don't flying super far when shot

- More realistic Ammo accuracy & ballistics; standard rounds do more damage, but armor piercing rounds will penetrate armor better, so use ammo appropriate for your target when possible

- Edited damages for Stalkers & actor; one headshot kills, torso takes much more lethal damage than limbs

- Edit damage values for some monsters Monsters: I especially welcome feedback here

- First person sounds are much louder, so the player's gun shots are as loud as the AI's gun shots

- Iron sights are now aligned much better

- Many, many more small tweaks I'm forgetting

*******  AI balancing  *******

- AI are more accurate.  They force you to use cover if you're not moving fast.

- Change the reaction times; AI want turn a corner to find themselves face to face with you and wait 4 seconds, fire 1 shot, and wait another 4 seconds.

- Alter AI to accomedate for new weapon parameters; they still won't attack targets within about 80 meters unless they are attacked first.  At that point the will shoot at you from very far away, provided you're clearly in their vision.  This means you can't just pick off AI from long range without them firing back like in realistic weapon mods of the past.

- While approaching a stalker from the front may prove difficult, they have much more limited vision in their periphials.  You have to be much closer to a stalker for them to see you from the side.

- Many, many more small tweaks I'm forgetting

*****  Weapon Upgrading  *****

- Don't do it.  No really, don't do it.  You can upgrade the ammo campacity, and attachments for scopes and the such, but nothing else for now.  You'll break the guns and often times make them worse.  You're okay to upgrade suits and masks as you please still.  I will be working on these while I wait for feedback on this version of my mod.

********  Gunshot FX  ********

- Now when you get shot, you're screen flashes red on impact and you get move a bit.  If the hit is strong you will stumble like the AI does when they get hit hard, and there is a chance you will drop your weapon.  I suggest you take care of mutants before they get a strike on you or you might be trying to shoot them off balance and reaching for your backup gun.

******  Artifact Guns!  ******

- These guns are special guns you can get from Nimble by ordering them.  They have been modified using artifacts, which means the bullets are fired fast enough to transfer some of the artifact's properties to the target.  When enough of this artifact "charge" reachs the target, an anomaly type effect takes place, killing the target and leaving a fun to watch display!  Due to mutants extend exposure to the zone, these effects have little to no bearing on them.

- Most of the weapons are also modified to have more stopping power, and some have extra features like fully auto triggers, peculiar ammo type changes, ect (some from vanilla).

******  Gnome's Scopes  ******

- Gnome's beautiful scopes that he created for Shoc and CS are included in this mod.  They are much more realistic than they blacked out vanilla scopes, and he was kind enough to let me include them!!!  He has different options for different types of scopes, so included them all (except the G36 dot sight, just the regular scope; for now at least, hehe)!  Some are designated for night vision, thermal, and adjustable scopes.

***  Credits & other info  ***

My STALKER alias is MacBradley, and I have made/compiled this mod by myself, but I would have not been able to do it if so many before me hadn't figured out so much about modding the STALKER series before me.  I hope I didn't forget anyone, please let me know if I did, don't be modest!


-MacroN (for making the FOV from CS possible again)
-Gnome (the scopes were all him, all I did was merge them in)
-PLR (learned a lot from his realistic weapons & ammo configs for Shoc)
-Tweeker (learned a lot from his realistic weapons & ammo configs for CS)
-AMK team (hit effects was originally from AMK for Shoc, all I did was excavate it)
-Russo from ABC Inferno team (came up with script that helped Decane's gore mod)
-Decane (used an altered verison of a script from his gore mod for the artifact gun effects)
-Ceano ( I learned a lot from his realistic AI for CS )
-All the helpful regulars at GSC STALKER forums!
-GSC for making a 3 great games, and leaving it semi-open source for all to customize!



AI additions для ЗП
Дополнения, дарующие неписям новые возможности.

что входит в пак:

Использование аптечек и бинтов
НПС в состоянии скушать аптечку, если у него мало здоровья, или бинт, если кровотечение.
настройки: configs\misc\rx_ai.ltx

Менеджер оружия
Скрипт, управляет выбором оружия НПС.
Непись способен определить лучшее оружие;
в зависимости от противника, расстояния до него, количества патронов в магазине выбирает более подходящее оружие.
Например, издалека будет стрелять со снайперской винтовки, вблизи переключится на автомат или пистолет, если есть,
если кончаются патроны, может достать другую пушку и т.д.
настройки: configs\misc\rx_weapon_mgr.ltx, configs\misc\rx_weapon_mgr_ws.ltx

Перезарядка оружия
НПС перезаряжают оружие после боя, если нужно.

Стрельба с подствольных гранатометов
Если НПС стал счастливым обладателем винтовки с подстволом,
будет его использовать, но только если это безопасно для него самого, ну и своих будет стараться не задеть.
настройки: configs\misc\rx_gl.ltx

Удар в лицо
НПС дубасит прикладом всех врагов, которым не повезет оказаться поблизости.
настройки: configs\misc\rx_facer.ltx

Если НПС получит в бою ранение, то, оказавшись в укрытии, он достанет бинт и использует его по назначению.
настройки: configs\misc\rx_bandage.ltx

Напяливание аддонов
НПС могут прикреплять к своему оружию аддоны: оптический прицел, глушитель, гранатомет.
настройки: configs\misc\rx_addons.ltx

По своим не стрелять
Если на линии огня оказался друг, НПС прекращает огонь и меняет позицию.
настройки: configs\misc\rx_ff.ltx

Rulix aka Bak


= S.T.A.L.K.E.R Call of Pripyat Sound overhaul 1.2 =
=                  By: Darius6                     =

Whats new:

-New, improved draw/holster sounds (generic at this stage, will probably later make weapon-specific ones.)

-New firing sound for ALL guns (now rapid fire weapons have three different sounds, so that the automatic
 fire would sound more "alive", not just repetative with the same sound all the time.)

-New silenced sounds (each caliber have their own, 9mm, 45, etc.)

-Reworked most weapon reload sounds (nearly all pistols use the same sound, except the Desert Eagle.)

-Added back some GSC made "weapon bore" sounds, that were disabled by default, also re-synced some of them.)

-Re-synced vanilla reload sounds.

-New sounds for the fireball anomalies and Electrical anomalies (other anomaly sounds might be replaced in future versions.)

-Also, new throw alignment for the grenades (thanks to Ceano for the new values!)

-Incorporated the SRP (Sky Reclamation Project for CS) weapon ironsight fixes.

-Weapon animations by Gosuke (proper lr300 reload anim, pistols only have one type of draw anim, pump action with shotguns, etc.)

-Few new ambient sounds (Replaced the Scientist bunker airlock sound, new rain sound, new thunder sounds.)

-New detector sounds (geiger, anomaly, artifact detection sounds.)

-New player footsteps.

-New bullet sounds (flyby, metal impact, breaking wooden box sounds.)

-New explosion sounds (grenades, rpg, barrels, fuel canisters, etc.)


Tested with both, CoP 1.6.00 and 1.6.02, should work without problems with 1.6.01 too.
Just unpack the gamedata folder to the main game folder.


CoP sound overhaul 1.2 is built on vanilla weapon files, so if you want to use the sounds with another mod that alters the weapons,
you'll need to merge the sound parts from the weapon ltx's.
I've added an Sound overhaul header around the parts in the files that I've edited to make the merging process a bit easier.

Also, most weapon files have the silencer shot section now moved inside those headers, so when merging, make sure
you don't have duplicate sections.

Sounds - Darius6

Thanks to:

The SRP team   -  The weapon sight and other fixes
Gosuke         -  Animations for weapons
GSC            -  For making yet another solid STALKER game! :)
Ceano          -  New grenade "throw point" values


No need to ask my permission to use these sounds in other projects, I'd only appreciate if you'd credit me for the stuff used. :)

Well, I hope you enjoy this!



Call of Pripyat Variation Mod
Created by Darkenneko, Email @ Darkenneko@gmail.com
Version 1.0

0.1 - Release
0.2 - Added new variation to loners, & Monolith, Added meshes to Prefetch.
0.3 - Added two new skins for the staker suit, meaning 8 new meshes total
0.4 - Fixed up Icons for Stalkers and added new icons. New Backpack bump mapping. New Merc Seva variation with Icon, rearranged the Loner structure.
Edited Lurk Skin changing the gas canisters on the back.
0.5 (Big) - Re-rearanged Loner Structure, rearanged Bandit Structure, Fixed Zombified Stalker to Backpack Skin mix up. Added two new mask, ten meshes all together,
to the loners, added 3 new portraits, Included some nice bump mapping from certain mods and people, all credits to them.
0.6 (Big) - Fixed a few minor things about some skins, Reconstructed the Entire Bandit Structure to introduce the brande new trench coats. Added 3 new Duty Skins,
reintroduced the Freedom Seva Suit, Fixed the Bandit Masked Meshes.
0.61 Bug Fix - Fixed a Crash related to a non-exsistant Bandt1c Mesh.
0.7 - Included Optional(s), only one for now but more will come hopefully. Fixed the !Fallback to default bumpmap: bug, Three new Freedom Skins, Bandit Skin, Monolith Skin.
Fixed voices for the loners.
0.8 - Added new Freedom Exo Skin, Fixed/Changed Russian Camo Stalker skin, Fixed Missing portraits, thanks a ton Decane! (On GSC Forums), Fixed Missing Monolith Skin, Thanks rzucchini.
0.81 - Stumbled upon a bug that made seeing some skins impossible.
0.9 (Huge) - 4 New Zombie Rookies, 1 New Zombie Military/Freedom, 7 New Zombie Exo-Skeletons, new Portrait, Balaclava masked rookies, 6 New Stalker Zombies, 22 more Rookie Zombie meshes, 22 more Stalker Zombie meshes, 4
military/freedom zombie meshes, and 22 more Exoskeleton zombie meshes, 2 more Duty Seva Suit skins, 2 new tier 3 Duty members, 1 tier 4 duty, 1 new freedom seva, 1 more Freedom exo, included DeltaFart's Prefered Mercs,
1.0 - Duty Half Gas Mask Mesh, Freedom Seva Suit Icon, 11 Exoskeleton's Armors for Duty, Freedom, Monolith, Mercs, Balaclava wearing Tier 2 Bandits, Balaclava wearing Mercs, New Merc Stalker Suit & Seva Suit, portraits for all.
Fixed some incorrectly pathed bump mapping files for the bandits.

GSC - Creating Such a wonderful Universe.
Brown Stalker Suit (Edited, Credits to the LURK Team)
Russian Camo Stalker Suit (Edited, Credits to Boriskas on FPSBANANA)
Amateur Stalkers Skins (Fixed Hands, Credits to ?вЮLф®кS 9 on FPSBANANA and KnifeInFace on Stalker Files & soundpaths on Stalker Files & GSC)
Amateur Bandit Skin (Fixed Hands, Credits to KnifeInFace on Stalker Files)
New Bandit Level 2 Variation (Credits to myself and others for pieces of the skins I used from them :D)
New Bandit Mesh (Credits to GSC)
Bandit Coat & Seva suit underneath (Credits to incheck 12)
Multiple Mercenary Skins (Credits to -=Grunt=- on FPSBANANA)
Zombie Skins (Credits to Original Authers and GSC For the models)
Monolith Skins (Credits to GSC And Siro's one ExoSkeleton Skin)
New Stalker Mesh (Credits to GSC, is actually Freedom Level 1 Mesh)
New Monolith Mesh (Credits to GSC, same as above.)
Flecktern & Drab Stalker skins (Credits to S.T.uE., on FPSBanana)
Duty skin, & Duty Exo Skin (Edited Exo, Credits to LURK Team)
Another Duty Skin, Exo, and Seva, and anything else I forgot (Edited all but Exo, Credits to Siro)
Bandit Skin, Base Monolith Skin, (Credits to Priobi's Story Team)
Freedom Skins & Other Trench Coats & Zombie Face and Lots of help & skin offers. :) (Credits to BuddieBBB)
Some more Variations, a Friend, and a fellow modder, (Much Credits, Smoq2)
Portrait Bugs (Decane, on the GSC Forums.)
Monolith skin Bug (rzucchini on Stalker File Front)
Save Game File for Testing (Credits to billybob721 thank you a ton!)
New Merc Seva Suit & Stalker Suit (Credits Robomook, remember, I Love You. :D)

Credits to Anyone I Have forgotten!


В архиве находится более подробное описание всех фишек примененных в моде и соответственно их авторов.


Эффект смерти


Аномальное оружие


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