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S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: "Зов Припяти" [122]
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Модификации, дополнения, аддоны, файлы - все для игры S.T.A.L.K.E.R. "Чистое Небо"
S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: "Тень Чернобыля" [1]
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Call of Pripyat: Special Edition (WIP v0.8)
21.10.2015, 20:23

Special Edition (WIP v0.8)


Автор: Khimicheskaya_Ali


Данный мод включает различные нововведения, редактирование конфигурационных файлов, текстур, бампов, звуков, музыкального сопровождения, расширение геймплея и многое другое.


Special Edition - сталкер


Основные изменения версии Call of Pripyat: Special Edition (WIP v0.8):


Новые текстуры и бамп файлы к ним.


Новый худ в костюмах.


Возможность снимать броню с трупов, состояние которой будет различным.


Конфигурационные правки цен при покупке и продаже у торговцев.


Радиационная вода ( на стадии разработки и тестирования ).


Рандомное наполнение тайников ( на стадии разработки и тестирования ).


Радиационная еда ( на стадии разработки и тестирования ).


Артефакты - конфигурационные правки веса и других свойств.


Инвентарь - изменение размеров сетки для удобности просматривания.


Изменение музыкальных треков ( на стадии разработки и тестирования ).


Адаптация AtmosFear 3 Patch ( на стадии разработки и тестирования )


Special Edition.


Оригинал текста от автора:


The Options Pack for Call of Pripyat: Special Edition v0.8 is available to download and contains various tweaks, additions and reversions suggested or requested by players. Some of these changes are even going to make it into the next update as standard features. All changes have been tested without AtmosFear 3 and with a new game start. However, I assume most, if not all, changes will not require a new start and should work fine with AtmosFear 3. Each option is compatable with one another, so choose as many as you'd like to apply and merge them in whatever order suits you best.




Partially degraded hud and new weapon and hand textures


Fully degraded hud and new weapon texture



1. Special Edition Texture Pack

An awesome texture pack by Wh17E_3aG13, created especially for Call of Pripyat: Special Edition. The textures and bump maps cover all guns, grenades, bolts, binoculars, player hands and arms. They are not anything over the top, but are different enough to be a refreshing change for players.

2. Dynamically Degrading HUD

This feature is intended for those who would like the added visual feedback of wearing a dynamically degrading hud but without a restricted field of view. Your computer monitor itself is now the hud, so it will get more holes and cracks in it as your helmet's condition degrades. This was not included in Special Edition because the hud overlay remains displayed during cutscenes and does not work with the all-in-one body armors.

3. Missing Lassie Bump Maps

Bump maps by Wh17E_3aG13 to compliment Lassie's unique look. Her doggles now look solid and are suitably reflective. This will be included as standard in the next version of Special Edition.

4. Updated AtmosFear Patch

This updated patch eliminates the need to remove the "Shaders" folder from the Special Edition gamedata before applying it. So installing AtmosFear 3 with Smart Mod Manager now only requires you to copy / paste the AtmosFear 3 patch over the Special Edition gamedata folder before merging.




ss ali 10 10 15 19 55 57 zaton


ss ali 10 10 15 19 56 30 zaton



1. Add Dynamic Game Relations

This feature increases a faction's attitude towards the player by 25 when you heal a faction member. This was not included in Special Edition because you could potentially end up with both Duty and Freedom as friendly factions.

2. Add Lootable Armor

This feature means there is a 25 percent chance that the armor worn by some NPCs will be available to loot from their corpses. There is a 15 percent chance that the armor's condition will be between 50 and 80 percent, and the rest of the time between 10 and 50 percent. This was not included in Special Edition due to gameplay balancing. Characters have always "levelled-up" in vanilla S.T.A.L.K.E.R. through gaining access to newer armor, guns and artifacts. Making them so easily obtainable through looting creates a big impact on the feeling of player progression you would normally get during a playthrough.

3. Add More Forgiving Trade Values

This feature provides the player with more realistic prices when they sell items to traders. To compensate for the higher trade prices, food, item and ammo drops have been almost halved in most cases. This will be included as standard in the next version of Special Edition. The currently low prices help balancing a lot, but take away the feeling of playing an unmodded game because they are just so ridiculously small.

4. Add Radiated Water

This makes all the puddles and ponds in the game highly radiated. This was not included in Special Edition because Zaton contains a lot of wet areas and the high radiation of each puddle/pond may annoy some players.

5. Add Random Stash Loot

This feature randomises stash content so that weapons are located in different stashes on each playthrough. It also provides a summarised contents list for when you hover your pointer over a stash icon in the PDA's map. This was not included in Special Edition because stash items are moved slightly and this can sometimes cause items to be taken by NPCs or fall through objects.




Repair kit UI


Armor looting option



1. Restore Non-Radiated Food

This removes radiation from almost all food items. The idea that none of your food in the Zone contains radiation always seemed wrong to me. This was corrected in Special Edition, and having to drink some vodka after every meal seems like a natural thing to do and fits the S.T.A.L.K.E.R. world perfectly.

2. Restore Vanilla Artifact Weights

This restores the vanilla weights for all artifacts, and lowers the weight of synthetic artifacts proportionately. Artifacts in Special Edition are a lot heavier than in vanilla. This is done so artifact expeditions cannot last forever and need more planning. This also makes the unique artifacts (Compass, Oasis) a lot more appealing to keep. Their exact weight is dependent on their rank, and those that increase your carry weight weigh nothing.

3. Restore Vanilla Inventory Grids

This restores the inventory and trading grids back to the larger vanilla ones. The reason Special Edition uses smaller inventory grids is to minimise the need for scrolling and allow you to view more of your carried items at once.

4. Restore Vanilla Volume But Keep New Music

This option keeps the new dynamic combat music tracks but lowers their volume by 50 percent. This change will be included as standard in the next version of Special Edition. I only recently realised just how loud they were in comparison to the vanilla tracks.

5. Restore Vanilla Combat Music and Volume

This option removes the new dynamic combat music tracks and lowers their volume back to vanilla levels.


Special Edition




Wh17E_3aG13 (Special Edition Texture Pack, Missing Lassie Bump Maps), TKGP (Dynamic Game Relations), Spartan, AMK team, Setakat, GSC and forum (Dynamic HUD), Hi-ban, Notanumber (Lootable Armor), Nashathedog (Radiated Water), Shredder, OGSE, Nashathedog (Random Stash Loot)

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